... long-term care insurance, but Eric was by far the most knowledgeable and unbiased, so we chose to work with him in selecting our coverage. We definitely recommend his services."
~ Leo and Maria Anne V.


I would advise people who are thinking about long term care to realize it is essential to their future and their children's future to plan for the worst and hope for the best. I know I would not have believed the real costs, financial and emotional, of long term health care had we not experienced it personally. The very worst part is having to contemplate not being able to provide your loved one with the care they need and deserve. Thanks to our long term care policies I know my children won't have to make that choice.

~ Dianne H.


"Thank you again for assisting us with our long term care planning. Your comprehensive analysis of our long term needs and in-depth comparisons of the plans best suited for our situation, was indeed gratifying. We are truly grateful for your genuine concern and professionalism throughout the planning and application process. We look forward to enjoying our twilight years with a new sense of peace knowing our long term needs are in the hands of an experienced company and caring professional like yourself."
~ Frank and Jeane C. 


"Because of an unusual health condition, I was turned down for long-term care insurance by my husband's company plan, and even my doctor was doubtful that I would get coverage, but with Eric's help, I was able to secure an excellent company, plan and premium for my long-term care needs.  I realized how critical it was to work with a specialist for this type of insurance and am grateful to Eric for his help in making this coverage possible."

~ Maria C.

"Eric was very knowledgeable and skillfully guided us through the decision process on long term care insurance. We are very grateful and believe we have made a wise decision for us and for our children."
~ Jim & Becky K.

"We investigated Genworth and as a result found a very articulate and compassionate agent who grasped our needs immediately and helped provide us a very viable avenue that gave us comfort that we made the correct decision. Thanks, Eric."
~ Al & Carol M.

"Eric took a complicated subject: Long Term Care, and made it easy to understand and easy to act on. He helped me and my family solve a problem and create peace of mind."
~ John J.

"Life insurance is not something I like to think about, especially at my age, but I was glad to be able to find a great insurer at an affordable rate to replace my existing policy with Eric's assistance. I also found his website to be very helpful. Doing business with Eric was a surprising, refreshing pleasure."
~ Scott W.

"We signed up with a long term care plan through my wife's work thinking it was a good deal, but when Eric showed us some of the pitfalls of the group plan and what we could get on our own, the cost/benefit of a personal plan made a lot more sense for us."
~ Rick B.

"Eric's half-hour workshop on long term care was very well received by our employees and helped them understand their options. I would recommend this workshop to any company interested in helping their employees plan for this important issue."
~ Angela S.

"Eric was very professional and presented LTC in a very clear and non-threatening manner. He respected our wishes and gave us time think about our decision. He was very consciencious in keeping us informed during the underwriting process."
~ Andrew & Barbara S.

"As a couple witih differing ages, we appreciate that Eric approached our circumstances throughtfully and professionally. Eric understood our particular needs and took the time to design and explain plans appropriate for us."
~ Tom & Steven

"Eric's presentation of information, facts and suggestions was well constructed and personable. It helped us make the best decision to fit our needs."
~ Jim & Beverly S.

"Eric is a thoughtful person who took the time to understand my personal situation before recommending a long term care product that suited my needs. I feel an enormous sense of relief knowing that I am covered and my son and daughter won't be burdened with financial concerns if I become incapacitated. Even better, I won't have to depend on them! I have recommended Eric to my friends, and they have also been impressed with his understanding of the industry and the products offered.
~ Jenny G.